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ZHEJIANG BOFENG ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Specialized in the household appliances, such as the electric kettle, health kettle, bladeless fan etc. Our company has nine standard automatic assembly lines and a quality inspection center equipped with complete facilities. We have an autonomous and complete production and sales plants, heating plate processing plants, power line factory, ceramic factory. Well-equipped, fully furnished. And we have abundant technical advantages to support R&D and QC. Professional production technology and professional production personnel can ensure a smooth and orderly production. Perfect logistics and distribution teams will ensure timely and efficient delivery. We shall satisfy all our customers around the world. We have a complete package of components production. It can control the products quality back to basics of components making. It can also be successfully established a complete quality control process. We have been to IS09001:2000 idt GB/T19001:2000 and IS0 14000 as the standard for production management. We have always respected health philosophy of life, products and materials comply with RoHs certification standards. Our products are sold through CCC and CE certification. All our products operative norm on the basis of CE, GS, RoHs, UL and other certifications.
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